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1. Do you offer next day delivery?

We are not able to offer a guaranteed next day delivery, especially for personalised items, but contact us if you have an urgent request. We are always happy to help!

2. How can I place a bespoke order for a differently sized napkin or tablecloth?

If you would like to order a particular item or colour not yet in our collection, please get in touch and together we can make it happen. Email us for more information about lead time and individual pricing. 

3. Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free standard delivery for orders to UK mainland and the Channel Islands when order value, net of discounts or promotions, equals £100 or more and International orders value £200 or more.

4. How to personalise my item?

Use our personalisation tool to design your project. Apply your message, date, or monogramming and instantly see the effects on the screen. Please play with it, try different fonts and thread colour options until you are sure that you genuinely like your project before submitting your order.

5. What to do if I realise that I've made a mistake in my personalisation message?

If, after submission of your order you discover you have made a mistake such as spelling in personalisation message, or quantities, please contact us as soon as possible, but no longer than 12 hours after placing your order. We will contact you if we notice any misspelling or errors. 

6. Can you embroider my brand logo?

Yes, you can upload your logo through our personalisation tool.

7. How long will it take for my personalised order to arrive? 

We aim to deliver the goods to you as soon as possible, usually within seven working days for domestic orders following the date we have confirmed our acceptance of your order. It may take a little longer for orders with multiply personalised items. It also can take several weeks for custom-made order to arrive, but in this case, we always will give you an estimated time of arrival.

8How to cancel my order?

Orders with personalization and bespoke projects made to your specification can be cancelled no later than 12 hours after ordering. We are sorry, but after this time we will not accept cancellations so please make sure you aware of this, so if you wish to cancel your purchase, let us know as soon as possible. Please read our Returns Policy for more info.

9. Can I return my order?

If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return any item, except custom orders, within 30 days of receipt. Please note that we do not cover shipping costs for items that are being returned or exchanged unless they are defective. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more info.

10. Can I order free fabric samples?

Yes simply email us your request.

11. Do you offer gift wrapping?

We offer Linen Gift Boxes with ready gift sets or separate gift-wrapping service. Let us know if you want us to attach a handwritten note with your warm wishes or your comforting, inspiring message. 

12. Can I return gifts?

Yes, but only if the item is not personalised. Please note that we cannot accept customised items bearing names, dates, initials or personal messages.

13. Who is responsible for customs fees?

The custom fees need to be paid by addressee. Our orders are shipped DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)

14. Can I exchange my linens?

If you need to exchange anything for a different product, or colour we will gladly process this for you if the items are in continued sale and stock. Please contact us to discuss the details.  

15. Can I reuse your mailers for sending returns or exchanges?

Definitely, please reuse our mailers to send back your linens, wrap and reseal the mailer with care as we won't accept the returned goods damaged in transportation due to inadequate or poor packaging.



1. Why should I convert to linen?

Because it's classy, timeless, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, beautiful and useful everywhere. Especially when you are aiming to transform your households into zero waste sanctuary. And it lasts for years.. and years..and years...

2. Is your linen stiff or soft?

Our linen is stonewashed - it's a technique which makes it flexible, smooth and more comfortable to use and care. It even softens with age.

3. Is linen biodegradable and eco-friendly?

Pure linen is one of the most eco-friendly products of nature. Nothing is wasted here as all parts of this divine plant are used for different purposes, and it is fully biodegradable

4. Can I store food in linen bags?

Linen has been used to store food for centuries, and it is an old proven method that we should bring back to its glory. You can use our produce bags as bread bags, especially for that homemade sourdough bread, or as storage bags for pasta or fruit and veg. 

5. Is linen truly so great that everybody talks about it?

Linen is a magnificent and noble fabric. In ancient times flax was considered a plant with a soul, and rites associated with its sowing and harvest were deemed almost magical. It's practical and long-lasting and adapts well in every interior, giving it a warm, "homey" look. 

6. What makes the European linen so special? 

European linen flax is one of the oldest and noblest among its species. It thrives in climatic conditions specific to the Baltic coastline, which are unique to the rest of the world. Due to a mixture of moderate temperatures and the coastal breeze, the European flax exchanges into longer fibres, which makes for a sturdier fabric.



1. Does linen wrinkle?

Yes, it does wrinkle, but it's an essence of its beauty and uniqueness. 

2. Can linen be machine washed and tumble-dried?

Yes, and washing makes the fibres softer and resilient, giving it a beautiful patina and vintage or rustic look. We don't recommend tumble drying our linens as we think that air drying is the best and most sustainable, although it's safe in the tumble dryer on a low temperature and - Important! - needs to be removed while still damp.

3. Do I have to iron my linens?

It's the nature of linen to be unruly and crumpled. Plus excessive ironing may weaken the fabric with time. However, if you like it crisp, remember doing it on the reverse with a medium-hot iron, and ideally when it's still damp unless you are a happy owner of a top-quality steam iron. It is a good way to store your linens rolled up instead of folded.

4. Will my monogramming colour change after washing?

No, it won't, but please always use a mild detergent without optical brighteners as they cause discolouration but never bleach your colour linens, and iron on the wrong side.   

5. How to wash colour linens?

Please see our colour linen care instructions

6.How to clean white linens?

Please see our white linen care instructions 

7. Can I dry-clean my tablecloths?

Do not dry clean your linens as they become yellowed and stiff. 

8. Does linen shrink?

Stone-washing prevents shrinkage so our linens can easily be machine washed and stay in the same shapes and sizes. 

9. Can I use optical brighteners for my linens?

No, as the optical brighteners cause discolouration. 



1. Are your products sustainable?

We are committed to ensuring our linens are produced in a sustainable environment, by people who consciously participate in the global movement of saving the planet.

2. Is your packaging recyclable?

We were cautious with choosing our packaging so that we can proudly say that our tissue paper, labels and our signature gift boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. Our mission is to reduce waste and over-packaging, so we also use mailers made with plants, which are fully home compostable, carbon-negative and non-toxic.

3. Why don't you use sewn-in tags on your linen products?

We decided to reduce tagging on our products to the absolute minimum as from years of observation we know that tags or sewn-in labels are often taken out from linens, towels and clothing accessories as they very quickly curl up, harden, and impact the aesthetics of the item. We think this is one of the small but significant steps in reducing waste, and we hope that you will like this idea too. 

4. Can I reuse your boxes?

Our gift boxes are beautiful, durable, and they can be re-used at home to hold valuable souvenirs or Christmas decorations.

5. How can I plant your tags? 

Our tags are made of a seeded recycled paper. Soak it overnight and plant it in a pot or in your garden and watch it grow!