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About Us

Who we are

We are a small bunch of friends who share a passion for linen, monogramming, embroidery and a zero waste slow life. We design and create home and clothing linen accessories aiming to make them as stunning, practical and sustainable as possible.

Why linen 

Linen accompanies us from childhood and is always associated with something permanent and eternal in life. In our homes, we still use tea towels that are over ten years old because they still serve us great. They age with grace, gaining an incredible softness and a beautiful patina. Our linen is a contemporary version of the ancient fabric, stonewashed for easier use and care. Our linens are beautifully crafted in Europe and the UK, by generations of artisans, who are at the same time undoubted lovers of linen and the inexhaustible creative possibilities offered by this wonderful and timeless fabric.

What do we offer

We pride ourselves on offering an individual approach and bespoke service at every stage of your purchase. If you would like to order a particular item or colour not yet in our collection, please get in touch and together we can make it happen. We offer good old made to order service and are not afraid to use the word "old-fashioned" in this case.

Ethically sourced & made

Our linens are made in small batches with love and appreciation of every inch of this magnificent and noble fabric, by wonderful people with an immense sense of responsibility and ethics.

Zero waste approach

Join us on our journey towards a lighter, decluttered life where all things you possess in your cosy home sanctuary are of good quality, last forever and have a personal touch and meaning. In the era of rapid changes in trends and demand markets, we want to offer you the most natural, classically beautiful and simply made quality linens which will last for generations and years to come and will never go out of fashion. 

Environmentally friendly

We are committed to ensuring our linens are produced in a sustainable environment, by people who consciously participate in the global movement of saving the planet. Linen itself is one of the most eco-friendly products of nature. Nothing is wasted here as all parts of this divine plant are used for different purposes, and it is fully biodegradable. 
We were cautious with choosing our gift packaging so that we can proudly say that our tissue paper, labels and our signature gift boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. Our gift boxes are beautiful, durable, and they can be re-used at home to hold valuable souvenirs, Christmas decorations, thread bobbins, or ubiquitous crayons and glitter pens.