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Roller Towels

Nothing pleases us, zero-waste warriors, as much as practical, reusable and timeless products, which are, at the same time, stylish and decorative - and that's what our super practical Linen Roller Towel is like. Made of soft, pre-washed 100% European linen our Linen Roller Towel never falls on the floor, slides easily and smoothly on the rail, and stretches slightly from its 45 x 80 cm size, so it's even more convenient to use. It looks and works well in the kitchen or bathroom, hung on a wall or door or on a wooden rail which can be purchased with as a set. The towel can be monogrammed, or embroidered with your or friends' family name or a short memorable sentence or date.  Install one for your children and teach them how to limit waste, and yes, we can embroider children’s towels with unicorns and ponies!

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